Stoneware poke bowl collection

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Our stoneware bowl is specially designed to enhance your pokébowl and add a touch of authenticity to your meals. With its perfect 18 cm dimensions, this bowl is the essential accessory for bringing your culinary creations to life and delighting your senses.

With a choice of four dazzling colors, our stoneware bowl brings a touch of freshness and elegance to your table. Whether you opt for the warm tone of Ochre, the softness of Pale Pink, the freshness of Green or the vivacity of Red, your bowl will become a real asset for creating stunning culinary presentations. 

It lends itself to all kinds of gourmet recipes, from fresh, colorful salads to delicious buddha bowls, savory pastas and mouth-watering desserts. Give free rein to your culinary imagination and take full advantage of the possibilities offered by this versatile bowl.


We do our best to ship your packages between 48 and 72 hours from our warehouses. For more security, please allow 5 days from the order. An imperative or a special request? Let us know! 


Référence: 7932023/7932020/7932021/7932022

Dimension: Ø 18 cm

Collection: Poke bowl

Further details:
Each piece is unique

Reviewing the life of our products

Because we want to offer sustainable products that respect the environment, we have reviewed their life cycle. Before arriving at your home, the products are packaged in a minimum of single-use plastic. After a full life by your side, you can sort the parts to recycle as much as possible of each component.

In order to stop throwing away a product when it has a slight dent and to avoid single-use plastic, we have redesigned our product.