BORAL stoneware collection

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The BORAL collection is distinguished by the original shape of its plates but also by its colour, a delicate grey white. The collection is composed of dinner plates, dessert plates and bowls that will allow you to bring a touch of harmony to your table.
Made of stoneware and dishwasher and microwave safe, these plates are ideal for everyday use while bringing a chic touch to your table for entertaining.

Stoneware collection
Reactive glaze decoration


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Why was the BORAL collection created?

We have designed this collection to suit all atmospheres, whether you have a minimalist or overcrowded dining room, whether it is in a rustic or modern spirit, this service will adapt to and enhance your meals. With its irregularities, our plates are part of a craft spirit that brings a touch of authenticity and simplicity to your table.

Colours with unique shades!

Composed of white and grey shades, the BORAL plates will be perfect for all your tables. Combining atypical shapes and innovative colours, these plates offer a real modernity to stoneware. The mix of unique shades on each plate will awaken the eye and the dark outline will highlight the roughness.

A practical everyday collection

Because we know that the more complicated a product is to maintain, the less we want to use it, this service was designed to be dishwashersafe.

And to make everyday use even easier, the plates are microwave-safe.

Solid sandstone over time

With its clean, raw look, sandstone adds a natural touch to your everyday life.

This material has been known for centuries and is extremely resistant to knocks and stains caused by food. A daily ally, stoneware can be washed in the dishwasher and is microwave safe.

Reviewing the life of our products

Because we want to offer sustainable products that respect the environment, we have reviewed their life cycle. Before arriving at your home, the products are packaged in a minimum of single-use plastic. After a full life by your side, you can sort the parts to recycle as much as possible of each component.

In order to stop throwing away a product when it has a slight dent and to avoid single-use plastic, we have redesigned our product.

In 2020,we have decided to eliminate or at least reduce the use of single plastic bags in our packaging. This change has already allowed us to save over 460,000 plastic bags in 2021! We are proud of the first results and hope to aim for Zero Plastic!