ECTOR Collection in khaki aluminium

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The ECTOR range is inspired by the strong and contrasting nature of the Nordic forests. Its name reveals the strength and solidity of the products and also reflects the raw appearance of the range.

This collection offers a contrast between solid oak and khaki green aluminium. A successful combination that underlines the Scandinavian inspiration of this range: straight shapes, simple and functional design, natural materials. The ECTOR range promises to combine authenticity, quality and aesthetics.


Solid oak handle, raw

Forged aluminium 3.5 to 4.5mm

Induction - High impact technology

PPG Xylan certified coating


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Why was the ECTOR collection created?

Because the kitchen plays such an important role in our lives today, we wanted to satisfy all budding chefs by imagining a collection that would make sense on your worktop. To create this product, we surrounded ourselves with local chefs and foodie friends and brainstormed on the product that would work for everyone. Every detail of the product has been meticulously studied to combine elegance with utility.

ECTOR khaki collection

Rough and elegant

In order to achieve perfect harmony, we wanted a culinary collection that doesn't make you blush once it's on the stove. So the first point was the design. It had to be modern and sober to be proud of it, while remaining practical and functional to reveal the best flavours of your culinary preparations.

To do this, we used noble materials, we chose to use thick forged aluminium to obtain a light product, with a perfectly homogeneous cooking. This may not sound like much to you, but it is a guarantee for the long term. To this we have added a handle made of raw oak wood, natural, without any superficial treatment, for an authentic grip and a stunning look. The quality of the wood chosen makes it a strong and naturally durable handle, with no special maintenance required.

ECTOR handles khaki

Be Unique

We took the crazy step of adding a natural touch with oak wood as a handle. This is a wood that does not need to be treated in a way that is harmful to health and is known to last over time. If the wood is fixed high enough on the tank, it will insulate you perfectly from the heat of the tank and the fire to avoid burns. In terms of style, the choice of wood allows us to offer you unique items since each shade of wood is unique.

ECTOR stove underside khaki

High diffusion

Thanks to its technical characteristics, the 3 to 4.5mm forged aluminium bowl provides a remarkable quality of heat diffusion. It is the entire bowl that heats up and not just the centre, as is the case with most first price cookware. This even heat distribution allows you to precisely control the perfect cooking of meat in the pans, and to precisely control your sauce in the saucepans.

ECTOR stoves khaki

Highly non-stick coating

We have chosen to use a PTFE coating (PFOA-free) reinforced with an optimal non-stick effect: Greblon C3! Greblon is the non-stick coating par excellence from the German company Weilburger, known on the market for its reliability and quality. Greblon C3 is a coating applied in 3 distinct layers, with excellent non-stick properties and a very robust surface technology . Ideal for recurrent use!

maintenance stove ECTOR khaki


Because we know that the more complicated a product is to maintain, the less we want to use it, we understand that wood can scare many people. Of course, it is not advisable to put the Ector collection in the dishwasher because of its handles, but especially because of the non-stick coating, but this is true for all cookware on the market! A non-stick coating deteriorates strongly the first time it is put in the machine! With this in mind, oak, a very hard and non-porous wood(natural durability class 2), no longer seemed to be a hindrance. As always, we prefer products that are made to last over time and for this, there is nothing like a sponge on the bowl and the handle with warm water after use.

Reviewing the life of our products

Because we want to offer sustainable products that respect the environment, we have reviewed their life cycle. Before arriving at your home, the products are packaged in a minimum of single-use plastic. After a full life by your side, you can sort the parts to recycle as much as possible of each component.

In order to stop throwing away a product when it has a slight dent and to avoid single-use plastic, we have redesigned our product.

In 2020,we have decided to eliminate or at least reduce the use of single plastic bags in our packaging. This change has already enabled us to save over 460,000 plastic bags in 2021! We are proud of the first results and hope to aim for Zero Plastic!