Utensils for life!

We design useful and sustainable objects to improve your environment, simply and differently. Our products are made to be passed on from one generation to the next, true to our family values and our commitment to our planet. Our concept is simple: a useful, beautiful and sustainable product.


This is the story of two brothers...

We set ourselves a mission, to offer beautiful, sustainable and simple products. Having been immersed in the world of tableware since we were children, we were eager to add our touch: OGO was born.


Enhance your everyday life by offering beautiful, effective and useful products. Our concept is full of promises made to last. We are 100% dedicated to your experience.


We develop unique products to make your life easier. We are a family company with family values. Our products are there to reconcile the beautiful with the useful.


With almost 100 years of international experience in product development, OGO is at the forefront of innovation. By controlling the manufacturing process from design to production, OGO ensures premium products and service.

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