JUO knives - made in France



JUO knives are the perfect choice for cutting. The perfect balance in the alloy of the knives will allow you to make your cuts with ease.

Discover a professional and authentic collection entirely designed and manufactured in France.

  • Steel blade 4116N
  • Solid beech wood handle
  • 3 rivets for a good hold of the blade

Stainless steel blade 4116-N

Beech wood handle

Rivet in stainless steel 304


We do our best to ship your packages between 48 and 72 hours from our warehouses. For more security, please allow 5 days from the order. An imperative or a special request? Let us know! 

Why was the JUO collection created?

When we designed this cutting collection, our main concern was expertise and safety. This is why we have combined noble and healthy materials that have proven to have their place in all kitchens, including professional ones.

The strength of stainless steel

For a knife to last, it must be the right alloy, i.e. soft enough not to break and hard enough to cut well.

All our knives are made of4116-N stainless steel. The "N" stands for nitrogen, which increases hardness and protects against oxidation. Our knives have a hardness of 58 on the Rockwell scale.

The choice ofstainless steel allows us to offer you a hygienic and durable knife. The blades can be easily sharpened and maintained.

Beech, a solid asset

We have chosen beech to combine with stainless steel to create a professional quality collection. Mainly produced in Europe, this wood allows us to offer beautiful, clear and unique shades on each product.

We chose wood for its naturalgerm-killing properties. Its rot-proof and porous nature allows it to absorb germs and make them disappear.

With a well-crafted handle, our knives allow you to work with precision on your cuts without fear that they will fail you at the first difficulty.

Knives made in France

For the creation of our range of knives, we wanted to rely on French excellence in this field.
All our knives are therefore made in a factory in Thiers, with the greatest respect for the cutlery tradition.

And to offer you unique products, we have combined tradition with a sense of aesthetics: a beechwood handle with beautiful shades and stainless steel rivets for a perfect finish.

Reviewing the life of our products

Because we want to offer sustainable products that respect the environment, we have reviewed their life cycle. Before arriving at your home, the products are packaged in a minimum of single-use plastic. After a full life by your side, you can sort the parts to recycle as much as possible of each component.

In order to stop throwing away a product when it has a slight dent and to avoid single-use plastic, we have redesigned our product.

In 2020 , we set out to eliminate or at least reduce the use of single plastic bags in our packaging. This change has already allowed us to save over 460,000 plastic bags in 2021! We are proud of the first results and hope to aim for Zero Plastic!