Isothermal water bottles Animals

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An isothermal collection thought for your comfort and declined in 2 sizes: 350ml mugs and 480ml water bottles. Several designs are available, so it's up to you to choose your model to take everywhere! 

Solid oak handle, raw

Forged aluminium 3.5 to 4.5mm

Induction - High impact technology

Greblon certified 3-layer coating


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Why was the KUUMO collection created?

Simply because we wanted to satisfy all tea fans by imagining the ideal product to take your tea everywhere. In order to create this product, we surrounded ourselves with some of the biggest nomadic tea drinkers in the office and we racked our brains to find the product that would suit everyone. That's why every detail of the product has been carefully considered.

Innovative technology

To ensure that your drink stays hot for a long time, we have used isothermal technology combined with stainless steel. This means that your bottle has a double wall of 304 stainless steel separated by a vacuum. This vacuum ensures that the temperature of your drink is maintained for longer.

In order to offer you a durable, quality product that is not harmful, the entire KUUMO collection meets the EN12546-1 standard.

Brew your tea wherever you are

Opt for the isothermal bottle to allow you to drink your tea everywhere. For this, we have developed an infuser on our cap, no need to prepare your tea in advance, do it on the way! The infuser is placed on the cap, you just have to turn the bottle upside down and wait for your tea to infuse.

And to avoid leaks, we put a hermetic cap with a silicone gasket resistant to the heat of the tea, so no bad surprises.

An exotic design

Our classic Kuumo bottles are reinvented with new designs, along with their new mugs too. They come in three designs: the wild tiger, the soft koala and the impressive toucan.

Thanks to the two shapes offered, the 350ml mug and the 480ml bottle, choose the animal that will accompany your daily life.

Isothermal water bottles

A mug everywhere with you

For those whose morning does not rhyme with speed or for the adventurers who never go without their coffee: the new mug is made for you!

Its practical watertight opening will allow you to take your coffee, tea or cold drink with you wherever you go.

Unfold the valve, sip and enjoy your drink in peace!

How to maintain your water bottle?

To help you keep your product longer, here are some tips:

Store your bottle open, this will allow it to breathe and avoid the smell of previous drinks.

Don' t put ice cubes in your filled bottle or ferment anything. You risk creating a time bomb.

There is no need to put a bottle in the fridge, as the insulating effect of the insulated bottle reduces the conduction of heat or cold. If you want fresh water, put a classic bottle in the fridge and then transfer it to the insulated bottle when you leave.

Hand cleaning is preferable to avoid altering the effectiveness of the product.

Reviewing the life of our products

Because we want to offer sustainable products that respect the environment, we have reviewed their life cycle. Before arriving at your home, the products are packaged in a minimum of single-use plastic. After a full life by your side, you can sort the parts to recycle as much as possible of each component.

In order to stop throwing away a product when it has a slight dent and to avoid single-use plastic, we have redesigned our product.

In 2020 , we set out to eliminate or at least reduce the use of single plastic bags in our packaging. This change has already allowed us to save over 460,000 plastic bags in 2021! We are proud of the first results and hope to aim for Zero Plastic!